Efficiency Maine is a great place to get info about energy use and energy related credits. Ka-ching!

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If you are more of an app person, the free Handyman Calculator App at Google Play is pretty durn cool. But don't take our word for it, click it out!

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No matter what your project

is, this site has construction calculators and estimation

tools that will make life easier.

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Confused by going back and forth between square feet of driveway and pounds of cement? Never fear, these calculators were made for tradespeople like you. Click the

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Building your own deck? Not sure what you need? Check with the deck experts at this site and calculate yourself a perfect list. Click here for deck direction:

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Got a basement or garage full of paint project leftovers? Pack 'em up and bring them to a local Paint Care partner and say goodbye to paint can clutter forever. Thanks, Paint Care.

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