Take-offs & Estimates


...or your shed, or your garage, or whatever else you want to build.

Let the experts at Phinney Lumber help you design and price your deck...



We help build more than just houses...


Need help designing your new deck?  Thinking about adding a garage? We can help; stop in and let us plan and price it for you. When you are ready to start building, we'll deliver all the lumber, hardware, and tools you need. 

Every successful building project - house, garage, or shed - begins with a blueprint estimate from Phinney Lumber, so save time on your next construction job with a blueprint estimate; we'll estimate the materials and costs and provide you with a comprehensive materials list.

And delivery is free.


Here's How It Works:

  1. Bring Us Your Blueprints. Bring your blueprints to us. We’ll have our in-house estimator review the plans with you and provide details on our blueprint estimating service and pricing.

  2. We Take Care of the Rest. Phinney Lumber’s estimator will then create your estimate using state-of-the-art equipment. Once your estimate is completed, our estimator will invite you back to receive your printed and bound materials list and framing drawings (if applicable), and help you take the next step forward with your project.

The Phinney Lumber Blueprint Estimate Advantage

  • Timely: We’re dedicated to providing a detailed estimate with a fast turnaround time.

  • Detailed: All of the building materials, as listed on the specification sheet, are broken down item by item into a convenient and detailed format. 


Ready to Get Started? Our in-house estimator has all the information you need to get started. For complete details on our services and pricing, visit us today, to inquire about our in-house estimating.

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