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Stuck in a Groundhog Day?

Maybe it’s COVID, maybe it’s the winter doldrums. Life seems stuck…boring; fairly uneventful. It feels like you are going through the motions, living the same day over and over again just like that Bill Murray film “Groundhog Day.” How to break out and feel “wow” again?

1. Change Your Perspective

A great way to get out of a rut is to open yourself up to new ideas. True, we can’t travel or party right now, but physical activity, meditation, and clearing/changing your environment are all great ways to boost your mood and prepare to change your perspective. Once you are ready to entertain new ideas, start making a list. Here at Phinney Lumber, we’ve seen a lot of customers use this “sheltering in” time to paint, repair, renovate, and improve their homes. When you are home more often than not, you start to notice things that could benefit from attention and a spark of creativity.

2. Be Creative

Speaking of creativity, expressing creativity has scientifically proven health benefits. Designing your landscaping to get ready for spring, painting a room and playing with accent walls, stenciling, and sponge or rag painting techniques are great creative projects.

3. Recognize Patterns, and Break Them

If you feel stuck now, look at your daily patterns and think about ways to shake them up. Do you need to do something (fix the leak under the sink, design that patio you’ve always wanted to build) but don’t know how? Is your pattern to put these things off and feel defeated? Check out YouTube videos, free printable instructions online, and local adult education classes (many of which are conveniently online!) and surprise yourself by what you can do; break that pattern!

4. Take Care of You

Now is a great time to think about what refreshes and renews you. Is it time to install a

soaking bath tub? Or put a fire ring in the backyard in spite of the snow? Or change your home’s lighting to brighten and cheer up your space? You’re spending a lot of time in your home; what do you need it to have in order to refresh and fill you up? We’ve shared one great idea from Simpson fasteners for a home project that will upgrade and enhance your dining space, right here! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

5. Start Small

Even big changes are manageable when taken one small step at a time. Want to re-do an entire room? Move the furniture one day, hang up paint swatches on another, grab some molding samples when you’re ready and hang them up to see how it all could look. The path from idea to completion is just a series of small steps.

6. Celebrate the Change!

The COVID vaccine is coming, life will eventually return to normal, but until then, and for right now, today, you can declare it loud and proud: “No more Groundhog Days! From this moment forward, I am going to shake things up and bring great changes to my homes and my life!” Then make feel-good positive changes; they are the things you can cherish forever.

Do something differently, starting today, and cherish the change for always.

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