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#RandomActsofKindness Challenge

Phinney Lumber has a long history of supporting the community through donations, gifts, and sponsorships. We’ve helped schools, churches, scouts, libraries, the arts, conservation groups, and more; and we encourage you to do the same. February 17 is "Random Acts of Kindness Day," and we challenge you to commit random acts of kindness everywhere you go on this special day. Here are some ideas for how you can scatter kindness like confetti and make a big difference with a small effort:

Leave a treat for the mailman in your mailbox Buy a gift card for the person behind you in line at the store Make baked goods for the neighbors Buy a coffee for the person behind you in line at the coffee shop Smile at someone Donate unused toys to Goodwill or Salvation Army Leave your server a generous (50% or more) tip Babysit for a neighbor, friend or family member Send a thank-you card to someone Pay for a stranger’s meal Plant a flower or tree and watch it grow Say “please” and “thank you” more often Open the door for someone Offer to do yard work for a neighbor Pick up trash in public places, like parks, trails, and roadsides Send a handwritten letter Leave change in a vending machine Let someone go before you in line Pay someone a compliment Buy groceries for a family in need Make breakfast for a family member Donate to charity Give a teacher a thank-you gift Help someone elderly carry out their groceries Prepare a meal for your family Donate outgrown clothes Plan a surprise party for someone Volunteer at a retirement home Hold the elevator Do another family member’s chores Pay for someone’s bus/cab/Uber fare Pay the adoption fee for a rescue animal, or even adopt a pet yourself Donate your hair to a good cause Hide an encouraging note in a book for someone to find Donate books to the library Walk a neighbor’s dog Return someone’s cart for them at the store Feed someone’s parking meter Praise a store employee Leave an encouraging note in a public place Participate in a virtual fundraiser Leave a positive review of a small business online Bring treats to work for your co-workers Post an inspiring quote on social media Feed the birds Send a thank you note to an essential worker: like a police officer, teacher, or health care professional Donate books to the library Shout out on social media about your favorite local businesses

We encourage you to commit random acts of kindness today! Post in the comments below and tell us what you did today to spread kindness like confetti.

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