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Phinney Lumber Responds to Community Needs with Projects… and More!

Then weather is improving, this quarantine thing is getting old, and everyone wants to get outside and burn off some boredom. Phinney Lumber is helping customers do just that. From helping a local Girl Scout get materials to build a raised garden for her community to helping a young couple make a plan to build their own deck, the team at Phinney is listening to and responding to customer needs. “It’s tough, hanging in there and not knowing how long this all will last, so we are doing what we can for our customers,” says marketing and outreach manager Francine Morin, “We recently acquired a limited supply of N95 masks and are expecting a shipment of hand sanitizer this week... we don’t normally carry these, but our customers need them so we are getting them in.”

In addition to carrying specialized items and giving away toilet paper, the Phinney team is also encouraging customers to get outside and take on some satisfying projects to combat boredom and relieve stress. “This week we posted a grab-and-go yard cleanup package on our Facebook page, and I’m planning to post my own yard cleanup pics and ask customers to do the same,” says Morin, “just to keep us all connected.” Yard foreman Dana Phinney is doing his part by helping customers gather materials to build raised garden beds for growing vegetables at home. “We have ‘2-by’ rough hemlock in lengths from 4 to 16 feet” says Phinney, “it isn’t chemically treated, so it’s a good choice for raised beds, and by building the beds yourself, size and shape are limited only by your imagination.”

Estimator Mike Franck is busy helping customers bring their DIY deck ideas to life. He can take your

design and help you create a materials list and building plan to fit your skill level and your budget. The internet is teeming with videos and step by step directions, and with Mike’s expert help and Phinney’s free local delivery, customers can turn their deck building dreams into reality while waiting for the world to go back to normal. President Mike Phinney is a fan of DuraLife decking, an environmentally friendly “green” and LEED certified deck material made in Biddeford, Maine. The product is non-toxic, made from recycled materials, and “it’s made right here in Maine, which makes us feel good about it,” says president Michael Phinney, “local is good.” A 2018 study by the National Association of Realtors reported that a new wood deck will recover 106% of its value when the house is sold, so building a deck is not only a good get-outside project but is also a great investment.

Phinney Lumber has been serving the community since 1928 and has weathered many local and national crises not unlike the coronavirus, and they have done it by keeping focused on what is important – figuring out what the community needs and responding to that need.

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