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It’s World Kindness Week!

We hope you enjoyed last month’s blog post on #MakeADifferenceDay, which summarized some of the ways Phinney Lumber made a difference in 2020.

This month brings us another heart-warming celebration: World Kindness Week (Nov 8-14), and Phinney Lumber’s own Brian Nielsen (Designer/Manager) is right on top of it.

To celebrate World Kindness Week, his Scouts BSA troop is teaming up with the Standish Hannaford for a “Stuff the Tent” food drive to benefit the Standish Food Pantry on November 14 from 10AM-4PM. Last year their food drive provided the pantry with 2,600 pounds of food; so much that it bountifully overflowed the pantry’s storage capacity!

Brian has been helping Scout Troop 874 live kindness, and not just during World Kindness Week. “Every public service we do is based on kindness,” he explains, “kindness is a core value; it’s one of the 12 tenets of Scouting.” Scouts learn how to be kind to each other, to the community, and to the environment. “We recently helped clean up 5 miles of Route 25 while it was closed for bridge repair,” said Brian, “we take ‘leave no trace’ one step further and we do our best to leave a place in better condition than we found it.”

Brian embraces Phinney Lumber’s commitment to serving the community by making a positive impact. Well done, Brian!

What are you doing to celebrate World Kindness Week? We’d love to hear from you!

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