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Updated: Jan 18

The Farmer’s Almanac is calling for below-average temperatures this winter and we at Phinney Lumber want to help you prepare and stay warm! We’ll help you prepare for:

Freezing temperatures

We’ve got sheet plastic window insulation kits, foam weather-

stripping, and window/door caulking to insulate your windows and door and to seal up gaps that let heat escape and allow cold air to blow in. We have insulation sheets for electrical outlets and light switches, and draft-dodging door sweeps, too!

Snow hazards

We’ve got roof rakes (a necessity to prevent dangerous snow build up on roofs), a BIG snow scoop for fast, easy clearing of driveways and walkways; and we have an amazing unbreakable ergonomic shovel to power through those end-of-driveway snowbanks!


Sudden ice buildup on your car’s windshield is a serious driving hazard. We have de-icing windshield washer fluid and de-icing spray to keep your car ice-free. We have hand and foot warmers to keep in your car for those icy mornings or for emergency warmth!

To keep walkways and driveways safe and slip-free, we’ve got all the ice melt you’ll need (even pet-safe ice melt) to keep every member of your family safe, even the furry ones.

Power outages

We’ve got flashlights, batteries, kerosene for indoor heaters, a cozy indoor propane heater, and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to keep you and your loved ones warm and safe during cold weather power outages.

Stop by the store Monday-Friday 7AM-5PM or 8AM-12PM on Saturday and grab everything you need to stay warm and safe this winter season!

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