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9 Quick Fixes for Annoying Home Ailments

Hey all, I hope you have had a minute to check out our new DIY page and the scrap wood challenge!

Speaking of DIY, I just bought a new home last summer and have spent many a “quarantine weekend” fixing it up. In celebration of our new DIY page, I’d like to share a few of my favorite fixes for those annoying home ailments.

The Painted Door Hinges Look Nasty

Metal hinges were never meant to be painted! Aaargh! Quick fix: leave the door hanging and use two opposing rubber door stops or wood shims to stabilize it. Remove one hinge at a time and strip the hardware. For my favorite chemical free stripping method, click here.

A Door Swings Open and Closed on Its Own

You don’t need to call Ghostbusters to solve this one, just pull out one of the hinge pins, lay it on a flat surface, and give the midpoint a solid whack with a hammer. When you re-insert the pin, the new little bend will create just enough resistance to prevent spooky swinging.

Water Cascades from the Gutter in Waterfall-esque Fashion

This is probably caused by a clogged downspout…clear the gutters, then flush the downspout with a hose and use a drain snake to dislodge any remaining gunk.

Plaster Walls Look a Little Rough

Skim coasting and/or sanding walls to properly smooth them is a messy venture; to quick fix rough walls, brush on a flat/matte paint to help hide imperfections in the surface. Any amount of glossiness in paint reflects lights and makes those bumps shine, so use flat paint to “flatten” out bumps.

Old Picture-Hanging Holes are Ugly Black Dots

Overfill nail holes with a lightweight patching compound and push it in with your fingertip. Once dry, smooth flat with a damp sponge.

Scratches are Ruining the Woodwork

It’s easy to hide scratches in furniture and on trim with Minwax markers (they come in 9 colors to match just about anything) to color in the ugly spots.

Your Stainless Steel is Watermarked

Forget about pricey specialty products, just grab your WD-40 from the utility closet to repel fingerprints, watermarks, and stains. Make sure to wipe away excess with a lint-free cloth for a perfect sheen.

The Caulk Around the Bathtub is Moldy

Use a 5-in-1 painter’s tool and a razor blade to remove every bit of old caulk so the new material can form a good seal, discouraging future mold growth. Then apply a fresh bead of a silicone blend caulk containing mildewcides.

The Toilet Keeps Running

Your flap is probably not sealing correctly. Try manually re-seating the flap over the water exit hole. If that doesn’t work, replace the flap.

Be sure to stop into our store at 519 Fort Hill Road in Gorham to pick up the supplies you’ll need to do these quick fixes. We’re happy to help!

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