Phinney Lumber Introduces Our New DIY page!

 Welcome to Phinney Lumber DIY.

This page is for YOU, our neighbors and homeowners, to offer inspiration, encouragement, and fun as you venture into some satisfying Do It Yourself projects with us.

Why a DIY Page?

In our 90+ year history as first a sawmill and later a building materials supplier, Phinney Lumber has served the local contractor as its primary client. As we move into 2020 and beyond, we are thrilled to welcome more and more local homeowners into our store, just like you, and we are working hard to better serve you; this page is just a start!

Connect With Us... through DIY!

We connect with you through social media and our blog, we welcome your visit by refreshing our store and changing our inventory to better serve you, we invite you to engage with us online and in person, and we hope to empower you to DIY with our new page. Let's get to know each other better, neighbor!

How to Use this Page:

Get inspired – we’re offering a themed activity every month with a “work” project to give that great feeling of accomplishment and a “whimsy” project to add a bit of fun!

Shop Phinney Lumber for project supplies – we’ll make you a list of what you need, so stop in and pick up your supplies here!

Join the fun – We’ll have contests, challenges, and opportunities to chat about projects and ideas on our Facebook page!

We’ll also share some of the best DIY resources found on the web, right here all in one place.

August 2020 DIY Kickoff– Our Very Own Scrap Wood Challenge!!!

Project Summary

  • Use scrap wood to create something cool.

  • Need ideas? Check out the links in the Inspiration" Box to the right.

  • Need tools, paint, and other supplies? Stop in to Phinney Lumber and grab some stuff!

  • Post pics of your end result on our Facebook page for the chance to win a prize!

Share and WIN!

  • Remember to post  pictures of your end result on our Facebook page for the chance to win a Phinney Lumber Gift Certificate!

Pretty Handy can give ya  71 practically free ideas for scrap wood

Neil Paskin is the king of the scrap wood challenge; check out his videos here.

Jen Woodhouse offers some clever scrap wood ideas on her "you can do this, ladies!" vibe website.

Family Handyman has 11 impressive ideas for scrap wood; we especially like the desktop catapult!

Still looking for ideas? offers another 100 ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

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